What Services Can We Offer to our Clients:

Services/ Contacts  Homeowners:

                        If you are in the process of buying an existing home, we are NACHI Certified to perform a home inspection and provide you with a thorough report on the condition of the home that you wish to purchase. We also areIAC2 Certified to perform mold inspections, including air and surface sampling with a detailed report including lab results. We also offer water testing with lab results. When you hire us to do your phase inspections and reports on your new home or addition, we bring 33 years of experience in building construction, along with our expertise in the new building codes and standards to provide your builders with pre-construction plan reviews,  and deliver reports to your municipality to verify compliance with MUBEC.

                  We would like to partner with you and your buyers to perform thorough home inspections and provide them with detailed reports on the condition of their potential new home. We are now offering mold inspections, water testing,and we will be offering more services as we acquire certifications in other areas. We promise to work in a timely manner and to provide your client with the information that he/she needs to make an informed decision.


                 We are ready and available to consult on the new codes and standards. We can review your plans, inspect your new construction or additions, and provide the local municipality with an inspection report to verify your compliance with the new codes. We are very reasonably priced, and our promise to you is to work seamlessly with you to provide timely inspections to keep your building projects on track.

  Lending Institutions:

                                 We are available to do phase inspections and reports on new construction and additions that you are financing to help protect your companies investment by ensuring compliance with the new codes and standards. New homes built under the MUBEC will be a better investment for your company and the homeowner.We would like to lend our expertise to help you oversee the projects that you are financing. Building to the MUBEC code will result in a better built, energy efficient home. Even in the smaller towns that don't enforce the MUBEC yet, homes need to be built to the requirements of the new code, and we are available to provide you with certified, written verification of compliance.

                        With the states adoption of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code, each new building will have to be inspected up to 7 times for residential and 10 or more for commercial. This will result in an increased workload for Code Enforcement Officers. We are available to help with the extra work on a job by job status, or on a contract status. We are not out to take the place of Code Enforcement Officers, just to help out with the heavier caseload.

 Contact Information:    Phone:  207-735-8800
                                      Email: mcclariebuildinginspections@gmail.com
                                      Fax:      207-947-1879