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Why McClarie

  We are also available to do certified home inspections, radon tests, mold inspections, and water tests. Our inspector is NACHI Certified and is constantly training and testing in order that we can offer more services in the near future. If you are selling your home or buying a new home we can provide you with a detailed
report on the condition of the home and bring your attention to any needed repairs. Contact us today! 

     We have been involved in the building trades for 33 years, most of which has been spent operating a highly respected, detail oriented , finish carpentry business. We have always strived for perfection even knowing that it is a rarely reached goal. Our inspector has an Associates Degree in Building Construction Technology, and is a state licensed Journeyman Plumber. When the Legislature adopted the Maine Uniform Building Energy Code, we thought it would be a good time to transition from building and finishing houses to inspecting houses. The MUBEC is strongly oriented to energy conservation, which we believe is very important at this time, to conserve the resources that we have. The newly created position of Third Party Building Inspector (TPI) is necessary to help ensure that new construction complies with the MUBEC. Our inspector has taken the training, taken and passed the exams, and is fully certified in all seven levels of the MUBEC. We are fully insured, and are available to do inspections from Augusta to Madawaska. We offer prompt, courteous servce, precise reports, as well as reasonable prices. We also offer pre-construction plan reviews. ​​

*Our hours of business are the hours that work best for YOUR buyer.  We work outside of the normal 9-5 hours if that is what your buyer needs in order to attend the inspection.